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Our family is currently about to meet our new daughter.  Yippy, for a new person to love and raise, less excited about all the pregnancy symptoms that are not so cute.  One of the more nagging annoyances with this pregnancy has been that my usually healthy skin has been replaced by itchy, flaky, sensitive skin that flares red, angry and itchy without any real provocation.  For several months I had been exfoliating before bed andRead More →

Bet you read that title and thought “Hey Brandy, aren’t you supposed to be encouraging us?”.   Well, I suppose I am, but a little tough love is good for the soul.  Now, I’m not saying I’m a perfect blogger who knows everything.   I don’t,  and I can honestly admit I still have a lot to learn.  But I do know a few things that people do wrong on their blogs, and I wishRead More →

Dating your spouse is very important, in my opinion.  Setting aside time where you put the electronics down, have no distractions from kids, and can focus on each other is key to a healthy and lasting relationship or marriage.   I’ve been getting a little bored lately with dinner dates, not to mention I cringe every time I see the bill.    Here are # date night ideas that cost $20.00 or less!  45 BudgetRead More →

If you’re just about ready to check into the maternity ward and have your little bundle of joy, check out of – well erm – you, let us help you know what to pack in your bump bag and what to leave at home. First things first, you’ll need a bag.  I suggest two diaper bags, one for your stuff and one for baby.  You’ll want to have an extra on hand for in theRead More →

If you have a pair of jeans that currently don’t fit you but are for “when you get thin,” keep reading.   My bedroom is either the cleanest room of the house, or it looks like a tornado just passed through.  There is no in between. I’ve found a way to declutter it so that when it does look like a royal mess, it takes me less than 5 minutes to clean up. How To DeclutterRead More →

Confession: I once was an emotional hoarder.  You know the kind of person who keeps things because ‘it means something’.   Thankfully, I kicked that habit.   One day I woke up and thought “I don’t need the thing to remind me of the person,  I just need the memories”.   I mean,  I had this dog toy from my deceased dog, Sparky, because it was his.   When I saw that toy, it reminded meRead More →

Bathrooms get cluttered so quickly because they’re so small.  Unless you’re lucky to have a large bathroom (I secretly hate you…) then these tips are perfect for small spaces!   How To Declutter Your Bathroom Storage is key.  An over the toilette organizer with doors, or a cupboard under the sink; make sure you have both.  Get some bins from the dollar store,  organize your hair stuff into one, feminine hygiene, and other smaller sizedRead More →

I get it; you’re busy.  Your life is as hectic as your kitchen pantry.  I’m here to help you declutter your kitchen, and gain back some sanity.   Below are a few tips on how you can declutter as well as organize: Double-Anything must go. Two coffee pots? Two spatulas?  Pick your favourite and donate the other.  Live off your pantry.  You read that right.  Live off your pantry, your fridge and freezer for as longRead More →

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